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From the Editor: Archives and the Law
This editorial is Terry Cook's introduction to a special edition of Archivaria on 'Archives and the Law,' where he refers to copyright as the 'perennial hornet's nest for archivists.'
Terry Cook, 1984
E-Reserves Permissions and the Copyright Clearance Center: Process, Efficiency, and Cost
This journal article presents a cost analysis of using the Copyright Clearance Centre's pay-per-use service to clear rights for use in 2961 course readings at Penn State University Libraries.
J. Christopher Holobar et al, 2011
Copyright Clearance in the Refugee Studies Centre Digital Library Project
This journal article provides an overview of the copyright issues encountered when digitising a large collection of 20th century materials in the Refugees Studies Centre at the University of Oxford.
Mike Cave et al, 2000
Copyright at the Museum: Using the Publication Doctrine to Free Art and History
This journal article describes the difficulties associated with determining whether a work is published or unpublished, and explores judicial precedent and potential ways to clarify publication status for archived works, which would make it easier for cultural heritage institutions to determine the copyright status of their collections.
Deborah R. Gerhardt, 2014
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Developing Intellectual Property Policies: A How-To Guide for Museums
Published by the Canadian Heritage Information Network (CHIN), this resource is designed to help museums develop formal policies and procedures to govern the ownership and use of intellectual property.
Diane M. Zorich, 2003
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Dear Museum Trustee
In this post, James Schulman appeals to museum trustees to embrace and especially to support technological advancements within an institution that aid in museum administration.
James Shulman, 2017
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The ethics of archive acquisitions: why couldn’t an important collection of British trans history stay in the UK?
This post reports that an archive collection relating to the history of transgender people in the UK was rejected by the Hall-Carpenter Archive at the London School of Economics on the grounds that there was no inventory of the collection, the materials would have to be anonymised, and that third-party copyright materials would need to be removed. The collection was later accepted by the University of Victoria, Canada.
Catherine Baker, 2013
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Art world meets the techno world
This article from 1994 reports on a four-day conference, "Art Museums on the Information Highway," attended by members of the Association of Art Museum Directors (AAMD) to discuss new opportunities and challenges posed by advanced technologies.
Suzanne Muchnic, 1994
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Rights & Reproductions
This handbook provides rights and reproductions guidelines and examines responsibilities of cultural heritage institutions in the United States.
Anne M. Young et al, 2015