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Fine-tuning European copyright law to strike a balance between the rights of owners and users
This journal article argues that the EU Information Society Directive of 2001 does not achieve harmonisation of copyright law across the EU, using an analysis of the treatment of technological protection measures to demonstrate that the directive has been implemented differently in each member state.
Marcella Favale, 2008
Extended Collective Licenses and the Nordic Experience: It's a Hybrid but is it a Volvo or a Lemon?
This journal article considers whether extended collective licensing schemes can be imported into jurisdictions outside the Nordic countries, where they originated.
Thomas Riis et al, 2010
Digitization and preservation in public libraries and archives
This journal article reports the results of a questionnaire survey of UK public libraries, in relation to the digitisation, access to, and preservation of their collections.
Peter J. Astle et al, 2002
Cultural Institutions, Digitisation and Copyright Reform
This journal article explores the ways in which various combinations of copyright reform could be implemented, to enable digitisation of cultural heritage collections.
Andrew F. Christie, 2008
Cultural Heritage & New Media: A Future for the Past
This journal article advocates for copyright reform to address outdated and uncertain elements of the law in relation to cultural heritage, new media and copyright exceptions.
Ann Marie Sullivan, 2016
Copyright Literacy in the UK: a survey of librarians and other cultural heritage sector professionals
This journal article reports the results of a questionnaire survey from 2014, exploring the extent of 'copyright literacy' within the UK library and information sector.
Chris Morrison et al, 2015
Copyright in the Real World: Making Archival Material Available on the Internet
This doctoral thesis presents empirical research conducted with Canadian archives services, to explore the effect of copyright on the selection and control of images of archive material made available online.
Jean Dryden, 2008
Copyright Clearance in the Refugee Studies Centre Digital Library Project
This journal article provides an overview of the copyright issues encountered when digitising a large collection of 20th century materials in the Refugees Studies Centre at the University of Oxford.
Mike Cave et al, 2000
A Copyright Snapshot: the Impact of New Copyright Legislation on Information Professionals
This journal article provides a concise overview of the changes made to the Copyright, Designs and Patent Act 1988 in 2014, in the wake of the recommendations made by the Hargreaves Review.
Emily Stannard, 2015
Tools & Resources
Copyright and Cultural Institutions: Short Guidelines for Digitsation
These short guidelines are meant to supplement the authors' 2005 long-form guidelines relating to copyright law and rights management, and to provide a general introduction to copyright-related issues in the digitisation of cultural heritage.
Emily Hudson et al, 2005