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´╗┐The Orphan Works Problem: The Copyright Conundrum Of Digitizing Large-Scale Audiovisual Archives, And How To Solve It
This article considers six regulatory solutions to the orphan works problem: incentivising the sharing of rights management information; extended collective licensing; indemnity or security; compulsory licensing; limited liability; and statutory limitation.
Stef van Gompel et al, 2010
With Enough Eyeballs All Searches are Diligent: Mobilizing the Crowd in Copyright Clearance for Mass Digitization
This journal article considers whether elements of the diligent search process for identifying and contacting rightsholders could be remotely delegated to individuals through crowdsourcing.
Maurizio Borghi et al, 2016
Finding a Home for Orphans: Google Book Search and Orphan Works Law in the United States and Europe
This journal article argues that an international solution is needed to address the problem of orphan works, and suggests extended collective licensing as a possibility.
Katharina de la Durantaye, 2011
Extended Collective Licenses and the Nordic Experience: It's a Hybrid but is it a Volvo or a Lemon?
This journal article considers whether extended collective licensing schemes can be imported into jurisdictions outside the Nordic countries, where they originated.
Thomas Riis et al, 2010
Estimating the economic impact of mass digitization projects on copyright holders: Evidence from the Google Book search litigation
This journal article argues that mass digitisation projects such as Google Books can have a positive economic impact on publishers, and identifies ways in which empirical research could be used to further explore the economic effects of mass digitisation.
Hannibal Travis, 2010
Enclosing the public domain: The restriction of public domain books in a digital environment
This journal article reports the results of a survey of six online repositories in New Zealand, using a sample of 100 public domain books, illustrating the variety of access and usage restrictions placed on such works.
Alex Clark et al, 2014
Due Diligence, Futile Effort: Copyright and the Digitization of the Thomas E. Watson Papers
This journal article reports the outcome of the rights clearance process for the digitisation of the Thomas E Watson papers, offering advice for other cultural heritage institutions considering publication using a fair use defense.
Maggie Dickson, 2010
Dithering Over Digitization: International Copyright and Licensing Agreements between Museums, Artists, and New Media Publishers
This journal article considers the potential impact of new media technology on museum licensing practices in 1995.
Kim L. Milone, 1995
Digitization and preservation in public libraries and archives
This journal article reports the results of a questionnaire survey of UK public libraries, in relation to the digitisation, access to, and preservation of their collections.
Peter J. Astle et al, 2002
Digital Propertization of the New Artifacts: The Application of Technologies for 'Soft' Representations of the Physical and Metaphysical
This journal article explores the possibility of copyright reform in relation to digital reproductions of cultural property, with specific reference to aboriginal artefacts from Australia and New Zealand.
Mark Perry, 2003