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Fine-tuning European copyright law to strike a balance between the rights of owners and users
This journal article argues that the EU Information Society Directive of 2001 does not achieve harmonisation of copyright law across the EU, using an analysis of the treatment of technological protection measures to demonstrate that the directive has been implemented differently in each member state.
Marcella Favale, 2008
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Google’s quest to make art available to everyone was foiled by copyright concerns
This article reports on the redaction of works of art from Google's Art Project highlighted by the work of Spanish artist Mario Santamaria. It also discusses long copyright terms, museum admission and licensing charges, and the efforts of the Smithsonian and Metropolitan museums to digitise and make their collections available online.
Caitlin Dewey, 2015
An end to bad heir days: The posthumous power of the literary estate
This article describes Stephen Joyce's attempts to control the literary estate of his grandfather James Joyce, from the 1980's to the present day. It also explains some of the problems James Joyce faced publishing and protecting Ulysses during his own lifetime.
Gordon Bowker, 2012
Art and Law: The Copyright Debate
This edited collection explores a number of art and copyright-related issues in relation to the role copyright plays art and its effectiveness, with a specific focus on the law and legal tradition of Scandinavia, Britain, and the United States.
Morten Rosenmeier et al, 2005
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Why Is The UK's Intellectual Property Office Praising National Portrait Gallery's Copyfraud Claims Over Public Domain Images?
This article reacts to the National Portrait Gallery's practice of licensing reproductions of public domain works, which is put forward in a blog post on the UK Intellectual Property Office's blog as a crucial service.
Mike Masnick, 2016
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Wikimedia Loses German Copyright Case Over Photographs of Public Domain Paintings
This article reviews the Regional Court of Berlin's decision in favor of the Reiss Engelhorn Museum, ruling photographs of public domain paintings are protected by the section 72 copyright-related right of the German Copyright Act.
Benjamin Beck et al, 2016
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Wikimedia Foundation, Wikimedia Deutschland urge Reiss Engelhorn Museum to reconsider suit over public domain works of art
This blog post responds to the lawsuit filed by the Reiss Engelhorn Museum in Mannheim, Germany, against Wikimedia Foundation in regards to 17 images of public domain artworks which were uploaded to Wikimedia Commons.
Michelle Paulson et al, 2015