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From the Editor: Archives and the Law
This editorial is Terry Cook's introduction to a special edition of Archivaria on 'Archives and the Law,' where he refers to copyright as the 'perennial hornet's nest for archivists.'
Terry Cook, 1984
Digitization and preservation in public libraries and archives
This journal article reports the results of a questionnaire survey of UK public libraries, in relation to the digitisation, access to, and preservation of their collections.
Peter J. Astle et al, 2002
Cultural Institutions, Digitisation and Copyright Reform
This journal article explores the ways in which various combinations of copyright reform could be implemented, to enable digitisation of cultural heritage collections.
Andrew F. Christie, 2008
Policy & Evidence
Towards a modern, more European copyright framework
This communication outlines the European Commission's plans to further develop the digital single market by enabling cross-border portability of content services, allowing out-of-commerce works to be made available, facilitating text-and-data mining, enabling preservation copying, clarifying the panorama and illustration for teaching exceptions, and implementing the Marrakesh Treaty to Facilitate Access to Published Works for Persons who are Blind, Visually Impaired or Otherwise Print Disabled, amongst other aims and objectives.
European Commission, 2015
Tools & Resources
Digital Dark Age
This podcast discusses a future impacted by insufficient media storage and the very real risk of encountering a digital dark age.
Brooke Gladstone et al, 2015