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´╗┐The Orphan Works Problem: The Copyright Conundrum Of Digitizing Large-Scale Audiovisual Archives, And How To Solve It
This article considers six regulatory solutions to the orphan works problem: incentivising the sharing of rights management information; extended collective licensing; indemnity or security; compulsory licensing; limited liability; and statutory limitation.
Stef van Gompel et al, 2010
With Enough Eyeballs All Searches are Diligent: Mobilizing the Crowd in Copyright Clearance for Mass Digitization
This journal article considers whether elements of the diligent search process for identifying and contacting rightsholders could be remotely delegated to individuals through crowdsourcing.
Maurizio Borghi et al, 2016
E-Reserves Permissions and the Copyright Clearance Center: Process, Efficiency, and Cost
This journal article presents a cost analysis of using the Copyright Clearance Centre's pay-per-use service to clear rights for use in 2961 course readings at Penn State University Libraries.
J. Christopher Holobar et al, 2011
Due Diligence, Futile Effort: Copyright and the Digitization of the Thomas E. Watson Papers
This journal article reports the outcome of the rights clearance process for the digitisation of the Thomas E Watson papers, offering advice for other cultural heritage institutions considering publication using a fair use defense.
Maggie Dickson, 2010
Diamond open access and open peer review: An analysis of the role of copyright and librarians in the support of a shift towards open access in the legal domain
This journal article reports on the Paul Scholten project, an effort to create an online English translation of an introduction to Dutch Private law. It explores issues encountered in relation to open access, digitisation, rights clearance and the role of libraries and librarians in particular.
Esther Hoorn, 2014
Cultural Heritage Online? Settle It in the Country of Origin of the Work
This journal article proposes a cross-border extended collective licensing scheme which could facilitate the clearing of works from cultural heritage institution collections for use in digital repositories like Europeana.
Lucie Guibault, 2015
Copyright in the Real World: Making Archival Material Available on the Internet
This doctoral thesis presents empirical research conducted with Canadian archives services, to explore the effect of copyright on the selection and control of images of archive material made available online.
Jean Dryden, 2008
Copyright Clearance in the Refugee Studies Centre Digital Library Project
This journal article provides an overview of the copyright issues encountered when digitising a large collection of 20th century materials in the Refugees Studies Centre at the University of Oxford.
Mike Cave et al, 2000
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Copyright Licensing Guide
This document provides guidelines for assessing copyright in the Museum's collections and its digital surrogates for the purpose of public access, and it covers a number of topics including copyright duration, Creative Commons licenses, how to clear copyright and where to begin.
Auckland Museum, 2016
Tools & Resources
Copyright and Cultural Institutions: Short Guidelines for Digitsation
These short guidelines are meant to supplement the authors' 2005 long-form guidelines relating to copyright law and rights management, and to provide a general introduction to copyright-related issues in the digitisation of cultural heritage.
Emily Hudson et al, 2005