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With Enough Eyeballs All Searches are Diligent: Mobilizing the Crowd in Copyright Clearance for Mass Digitization
This journal article considers whether elements of the diligent search process for identifying and contacting rightsholders could be remotely delegated to individuals through crowdsourcing.
Maurizio Borghi et al, 2016
Due Diligence, Futile Effort: Copyright and the Digitization of the Thomas E. Watson Papers
This journal article reports the outcome of the rights clearance process for the digitisation of the Thomas E Watson papers, offering advice for other cultural heritage institutions considering publication using a fair use defense.
Maggie Dickson, 2010
Cultural Institutions, Digitisation and Copyright Reform
This journal article explores the ways in which various combinations of copyright reform could be implemented, to enable digitisation of cultural heritage collections.
Andrew F. Christie, 2008
Copyright in the Real World: Making Archival Material Available on the Internet
This doctoral thesis presents empirical research conducted with Canadian archives services, to explore the effect of copyright on the selection and control of images of archive material made available online.
Jean Dryden, 2008
Copyright Clearance in the Refugee Studies Centre Digital Library Project
This journal article provides an overview of the copyright issues encountered when digitising a large collection of 20th century materials in the Refugees Studies Centre at the University of Oxford.
Mike Cave et al, 2000
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Copyright and Cultural Memory: Digital Conference Proceedings
This working paper captures presentations in a citable format, along with the panel discussion and question and answer session, from the one-day conference, Copyright and Cultural Memory on 9 June 2017 at The Lighthouse in Glasgow.
Megan Blakely et al, 2017
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Copyright and Cultural Memory
This web resource documents the conference proceedings for Copyright and Cultural Memory, which was held at The Lighthouse in Glasgow on 9 June 2016.
CREATe RCUK Centre for Copyright and New Business Models in the Creative Economy, 2017
Copyright issues facing early stages of digitization projects
This report from the Mobile Collections Project considers how copyright law affects digital cultural collections, through licensing, orphan works, and risk managed approaches to rights clearance.
Eleonora Rosati, 2013
Authors v. Archivers: The Copyright Infringement Battle Over Web Pages
This working paper discusses the copyright implications of caching web pages for Google and the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine, summarises potential instances of copyright infringement, and argues that responsibility for removing infringing content must lie with authors and rightsholders requesting such action, rather than placing the burden of proof on archiving services.
Kinari Patel, 2007
Archives and Copyright: Developing an Agenda for Reform
This web resource provides citable digital conference proceedings for 'Archives and Copyright: Developing an Agenda for Reform', which was held at the Wellcome Trust on 27 September 2013.
Ronan Deazley et al, 2014