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Finding a Home for Orphans: Google Book Search and Orphan Works Law in the United States and Europe
This journal article argues that an international solution is needed to address the problem of orphan works, and suggests extended collective licensing as a possibility.
Katharina de la Durantaye, 2011
The Impact of Open Access on Galleries, Libraries, Museums, & Archives
This paper follows on Kristin Kelly's 2013 report, 'Images of Works of Art in Museum Collections: The Experience of Open Access, a Study of 11 Museums,' and documents trends and insights that have emerged over the past decade among early adopters of open access programs. It also highlights the growing expectation both private and public funders have regarding the requirements of open access as a condition for grant recipients.
Effie Kapsalis, 2016
Assessment of the Orphan works issues and Costs for Rights Clearance
A report commissioned by the European Parliament that provides data on the extent of orphan works held in European heritage institutions, and the costs involved in diligent search and rights clearance.
Anna Vuopala, 2010
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Introducing Mediachain Attribution Engine
This blog post introduces a new tool called the Attribution Engine, which is designed to aid users in the attribution of material that creators make available online.
Denis Nazarov, 2016
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Bringing Cultural Metadata to Life
This article discusses various projects which have been inspired by and benefited from open data made available by heritage institutions, as well as how institutions make open data available and the investment required to do so.
Denis Nazarov, 2016
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Get Downloading - 20 great GLAM websites for free high resolution images
Posted in March 2016, this article provides a comprehensive list of images from online collections that people may use for free. Many are made available for all types of use as either public domain or CC0 content while others are released under Creative Commons licenses.
Victoria Leachman, 2016
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Wikimedia Foundation, Wikimedia Deutschland urge Reiss Engelhorn Museum to reconsider suit over public domain works of art
This blog post responds to the lawsuit filed by the Reiss Engelhorn Museum in Mannheim, Germany, against Wikimedia Foundation in regards to 17 images of public domain artworks which were uploaded to Wikimedia Commons.
Michelle Paulson et al, 2015