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Finding a Home for Orphans: Google Book Search and Orphan Works Law in the United States and Europe
This journal article argues that an international solution is needed to address the problem of orphan works, and suggests extended collective licensing as a possibility.
Katharina de la Durantaye, 2011
Policy & Evidence
The Impossible Quest: Problems with Diligent Search for Orphan Works
This journal article explores the scope of the diligent search requirement in the EU Directive on certain permitted uses of orphan works across several jurisdictions, and finds that some sources are not freely accessible online.
Marcella Favale et al, 2016
Policy & Evidence
Copyright works - seeking the lost
This consultation requested views on a proposes orphan works licensing scheme, and the implementation of the EU Directive on certain permitted uses of orphan works.
UK Intellectual Property Office, 2014
Assessment of the Orphan works issues and Costs for Rights Clearance
A report commissioned by the European Parliament that provides data on the extent of orphan works held in European heritage institutions, and the costs involved in diligent search and rights clearance.
Anna Vuopala, 2010
British Invasion: Importing the United Kingdom's Orphan Works Solution to United States Copyright Law
This journal article suggests that UK orphan works legislation could be a potential example to US lawmakers, as they seek to provide legislative solutions to the orphan works problem.
Abigail Bunce, 2013
Policy & Evidence
Cultural heritage institutions concerned over proposed European orphan works directive
This blog post explains the reservations held by heritage institutions towards the draft proposals on orphan works, which required diligent search for rightsholders and was seen as a major stumbling block to mass digitisation initiatives.
Lucie Guibault, 2012