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´╗┐The Orphan Works Problem: The Copyright Conundrum Of Digitizing Large-Scale Audiovisual Archives, And How To Solve It
This article considers six regulatory solutions to the orphan works problem: incentivising the sharing of rights management information; extended collective licensing; indemnity or security; compulsory licensing; limited liability; and statutory limitation.
Stef van Gompel et al, 2010
With Enough Eyeballs All Searches are Diligent: Mobilizing the Crowd in Copyright Clearance for Mass Digitization
This journal article considers whether elements of the diligent search process for identifying and contacting rightsholders could be remotely delegated to individuals through crowdsourcing.
Maurizio Borghi et al, 2016
Enclosing the public domain: The restriction of public domain books in a digital environment
This journal article reports the results of a survey of six online repositories in New Zealand, using a sample of 100 public domain books, illustrating the variety of access and usage restrictions placed on such works.
Alex Clark et al, 2014
Cultural Heritage Online? Settle It in the Country of Origin of the Work
This journal article proposes a cross-border extended collective licensing scheme which could facilitate the clearing of works from cultural heritage institution collections for use in digital repositories like Europeana.
Lucie Guibault, 2015
Tools & Resources
Copyright and Cultural Institutions: Short Guidelines for Digitsation
These short guidelines are meant to supplement the authors' 2005 long-form guidelines relating to copyright law and rights management, and to provide a general introduction to copyright-related issues in the digitisation of cultural heritage.
Emily Hudson et al, 2005
Copyright and Cultural Institutions: Guidelines for Digitisation
This set of guidelines from 2005 is based on a research project examining the impact of copyright law on the digitsation practices of public museums, galleries, and libraries in Australia. It aims to provide heritage institutions with assistance in both legal and practical aspects of copyright compliance.
Emily Hudson et al, 2005
Tools & Resources
RightsStatements.org provides a set of standardized rights statements that can be used to communicate the copyright and re-use status of digital objects to the public. Our rights statements are supported by major aggregation platforms such as the Digital Public Library of America and Europeana. The rights statements have been designed with both human users and machine users (such as search engines) in mind and make use of semantic web technology. Learn more about how you can use our rights statements here.
Author Unknown, 2017
Policy & Evidence
Copyright notice: digital images
This copyright notice provides guidance on digital images, copyright, and reuse based on frequently asked questions.
UK Intellectual Property Office, 2014
Building Universal Digital Libraries: An Agenda for Copyright Reform
This journal article outlines several changes to US copyright law which would provide more legal certainty for digital libraries.
Hannibal Travis, 2005
Tools & Resources
Public Domain Day 2011: Will the tide be turned?
In celebration of Public Domain Day, this 2011 blog post discusses the term of copyright and its extension from "life+50" to "life+70" years, or even longer in certain jurisdictions.
John Mark Ockerbloom, 2011