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Collective rights management in the Digital Single Market: Technical review of draft Regulations

Type: Consultation
UK Intellectual Property Office
This technical consultation sought views on the draft regulations which implement the EU Directive on Collective Management of Copyright and Related Rights 2014.
2015 October 14
The abstract provided by the author(s) of this work is as follows:

The European Union has agreed a new Directive that will change the rules that apply to Collective Management Organisations (“CMOs” - often called “collecting societies” in the UK).

The Directive sets new standards that these organisations must meet, and makes sure that creators have an explicit right to use a “CMO” of their choice to manage their works. It will give UK creators more rights when they work with “CMOs”, helping to make sure they’re properly remunerated for the use of their work in the EU. The Directive will also make it easier for businesses to offer online music services across Europe.

The UK has to incorporate the Directive into UK law by 10 April 2016. This review gives businesses, creators, “CMOs” and other interested parties the chance to comment on the draft Regulations the Government proposes to use to implement the Directive. The draft Regulations are designed to retain important protections for business that form part of the UK’s current minimum standards for collecting societies.

UK Intellectual Property Office
UK Intellectual Property Office
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2015 Oct 14 - 2015 Nov 10
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United Kingdom, European Union
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