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Reducing the duration of copyright in certain unpublished works

Type: Consultation
UK Intellectual Property Office
This consultation requested views on a reduction in the term of protection afforded to unpublished works, created before 1989.
2014 October 31
The abstract provided by the author(s) of this work is as follows:

The government has launched a consultation to hear views on using the power in section 170(2) of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988. This power enables the government to reduce the duration of copyright in certain unpublished works, which currently remain protected by copyright until the year 2039, regardless of the age of the work. This consultation invites views and seeks evidence on the potential impact of the government’s proposals.

In addition to the questions posed in the consultation document, evidence is sought regarding: the estimated number of works subject to the 2039 rule; the proportion of such works for which the rule inhibits publication; the potential number of works which would be published if the rule were removed; the scale of administrative burdens currently shouldered by cultural institutions in relation to 2039 works; the benefits to institutions of the removal of the 2039 rule; and quantifiable costs to copyright owners.

UK Intellectual Property Office
UK Intellectual Property Office
Date of consultation (from-to)
2014 Oct 31 - 2014 Dec 12
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United Kingdom
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