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Towards a modern, more European copyright framework

COM(2015) 626

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European Commission
This communication outlines the European Commission's plans to further develop the digital single market by enabling cross-border portability of content services, allowing out-of-commerce works to be made available, facilitating text-and-data mining, enabling preservation copying, clarifying the panorama and illustration for teaching exceptions, and implementing the Marrakesh Treaty to Facilitate Access to Published Works for Persons who are Blind, Visually Impaired or Otherwise Print Disabled, amongst other aims and objectives.
2015 December 9
The abstract provided by the author(s) of this work is as follows:

Developing actions announced in the digital single market strategy, this Communication sets out how the Commission intends to achieve the goal of ‘a more modern, more European copyright framework’. It presents a plan that includes targeted actions with proposals for the very short term, including a proposal on the 'portability' of online content services presented together with this Communication, a set of proposals planned for 2016, and a long-term vision. The plan will be brought forward in line with the Better Regulation principles and is based on preparatory work carried out over the past few years on the current framework,6 which included a comprehensive public consultation in 2013-2014. It takes into account the views of the European Parliament expressed in its recent resolution on the implementation of the Directive on Copyright in the Information Society8 and the conclusions of the European Council meeting of 25-26 June 2015.9

Against this background, the Commission considers it necessary to: inject more single market and, where warranted, a higher level of harmonisation into the current EU copyright rules, particularly by addressing aspects related to the territoriality of copyright; where required, adapt copyright rules to new technological realities so that the rules continue to meet their objectives.

Copyright and related legislation do not deliver on their objectives in isolation. Films, drama, music, literature, scientific writings, cultural heritage and the rest of Europe’s creative output will continue to flourish and play a meaningful role in Europe’s growth, identity and social progress only if competitive creative industries and the required market mechanisms are in place. Financial and other support measures from public authorities, as permitted by competition law, also play a role in achieving this. The support provided by the EU includes its ‘Creative Europe’ programme and research and innovation funding, notably via the 'Horizon 2020' programme. Furthermore, to be effective, EU copyright rules need to be up-to-date, properly transposed, enforced and understood on the ground.

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