Assessment of the Orphan works issues and Costs for Rights Clearance

Type: Report
Anna Vuopala
A report commissioned by the European Parliament that provides data on the extent of orphan works held in European heritage institutions, and the costs involved in diligent search and rights clearance.
2010 May
The abstract provided by the author(s) of this work is as follows:

A large number of digitisation projects has been analysed for this report, and the findings indicate clearly that there are considerable amounts of orphan works in collections of cultural institutions around Europe. This assessment should not, however, be considered as a comprehensive analysis of the situation concerning orphan works because extensive research has not been carried out in this topic.

The figures in the report only illustrate the dimension of the problem without implying any particular policy decisions. However, the report is meant to provide solid and reliable raw material for a fully-fledged impact assessment of the issue of orphan works aimed at considering concrete solutions to remedy the issue in the digital environment, as announced in the Commission Communication on Copyright in the Knowledge Economy.

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