EnDOW Report 1: Requirements for Diligent Search in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and Italy

Type: Report
Marcella Favale, Simone Schroff, Aura Bertoni
This project report presents a comprehensive survey of the legislative requirements for diligent search across three EU member states, showing that it is possible, within the scope of the EU Orphan Works Directive, for diligent searches to be carried out remotely, but that almost half of the mandated search sources are inaccessible online.
2016 February 1
The abstract provided by the author(s) of this work is as follows: This Working Paper provides an analysis of the conditions under which a Diligent Search can be carried out under the laws of Italy, the Netherlands and the UK. These pilot countries are both members of Heritage Plus and of the European Union. For each jurisdiction, the analysis has determined what are the requirements for Diligent Search to locate copyright holders and in particular: a) Who can carry out a Diligent Search and on what conditions; b) What are the authoritative sources and databases to be consulted and to what extent they are accessible on line; c) What use can be made of an orphan work. This will allow the researchers, in the subsequent stages of EnDOW, to design and populate the crowd-sourcing platform that will facilitate carrying out Diligent Search for mass digitisation.
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A journal article derived from this report is available at The Impossible Quest: Problems with Diligent Search for Orphan Works.
European Union, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Italy
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