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Willing to share?

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Ellen Euler, Anne Klammt, Oliver Rack
This paper reviews the pressing need for providing access to the public domain free of restrictions, it details the rationale behind the chain of court decisions in the Reiss Engelhorn Museum's lawsuit against the Wikimedia community, and it outlines how copyright claims in reproductions impact the dissemination of knowledge and public participation in the appreciation and generation of cultural content.
2017 February 21
The abstract provided by the author(s) of this work is as follows: The question of the willingness to share digitally and to make digital participation possible assumes that the cultural heritage institutions (museums, collections and archives) have an option and questions where this willingness is possibly limited. What exactly is hindering cultural heritage institutions from sharing – a lack of legal regulations, insufficient funding or their own self-perception? Whether and how cultural heritage is to be made available digitally, how this works in practice in the cultural heritage institutions and how politics could react to this will be subsequently shown following an event of the same name.
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Germany, European Union
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